Escape Room FAQs

Age is no bar here, but your enjoyment might be determined by your ability to do long division and have at least one pimple. If you’re over 12, you’re golden. Under that, well, prepare for an experience equivalent to eating unsweetened chocolate – it's still chocolate, but not as exciting!

If you’re a young whipper-snapper under 14, we ask that you bring along an adult-shaped chaperone who is 18 or over that will be in the room. Now, we don't mean a cardboard cutout, but a real, live grown-up.

Teenagers in the 14-16 rebellious phase, your adult can just hang around the place, reminding you occasionally they're cooler than you think. They don't have to join in, but they might - just to embarrass you in front of your friends.

Babes-in-arms under 4? Your escort has got to be sturdy enough to bench press an 18-year-old – because that’s the age they must be to carry you. Some rooms contain parts smaller than your pacifier – and less tasty, we assure you.

If you're under 16, you'll need a waiver signed by your parents or guardians - you know, the people who explain why you can’t eat candy for dinner. Bring it along, or we’ll thrust one into your hand when you arrive. It's like homework, but without the dread of a pop quiz!

Nah! Our rooms are about as scary as a fluffy bunny nibbling on a carrot... except for 'Save the Asylum'. That one's more like a bunny with a chainsaw and a maniacal laugh. Sherlock's Mystery and Krocbuster are as bright and cheery as a summer's day in a rom-com. The Dr. Jones Study Heist and Escape Extinction might be a bit like stepping into a movie theater during a tense scene - there's some artificial noise and it's a bit dimmer - but it's all as scary as a teddy bear's picnic. Now, all our rooms are as kid-friendly as a cartoon marathon, but 'Save the Asylum' could send a few goosebumps down the spine, as it's our one and only room that incorporates 'haunted house concepts'. So, if you hear the faint whispers of 'boo', it might just be the wind...or is it?
Well, sorry to disappoint, but you do have to channel your inner billionaire and book the whole room. We believe in exclusive experiences! So, just imagine, you get to be the lord of your own escape room kingdom, reigning over puzzles and clues with only your chosen comrades-in-arms. And the best part? No random, clueless strangers messing up your vibe... or your code-cracking.
Break out the confetti cannons! If you master the daring escape from either of our two high-stakes rooms located in the Salem Kroc Center, you'll be rewarded with the glorious gift of a free day pass. You can flex your escape artist muscles and dodge gym buddies who are keen to join your secret society of Kroc escapologists. But the rest of our rooms, I hear you ask? Well, they come with the timeless prize of satisfaction, personal triumph, and the smug right to say "I escaped and all I got was this lousy sense of achievement." No Kroc membership required unless you're planning a workout post-escape. Because nothing says victory like a good sweat session!
Absolutely! You can check out our room's mugshots at the top of every page on this site. They are not shy, promise! Except for the magnifying glass - that one's a bit self-conscious since it's always feeling "under the lens".
Absolutely! Our bookings are as flexible as a yoga-master octopus. In your confirmation email, you'll find a magic portal (aka a link) that'll teleport you into the mystical realm of 'Manage Your Booking'. Once there, you can tinker around with the date, time, and participant details of your booking like a time-traveling wizard. Just remember, with great power comes great responsibility, so choose wisely, oh fearless escape artist!
Nope! Unlike Santa, we don't need to check if they've been naughty or nice before they're allowed in. We just need the name of the brave soul doing the booking. If you don't know who's coming yet, that's fine - just don't bring more bodies than our humble room can handle. The last thing we need is a "too many detectives, not enough clues" situation!
Well, we did have a pet goldfish escape a room once, so we can confidently say your odds are at least better than a goldfish! Just kidding. Every room offers a different challenge - some might say the only consistency is the unpredictability. Maybe you'll be our next Houdini or maybe you'll be more like a mime stuck in an invisible box. Either way, the fun is in the trying! And for those of you who are competitive, we keep a leaderboard that's as up-to-date as your aunt's Facebook status. So get your team together, bring your A-game, and let's see if you have what it takes to beat the all-time record - goldfish not included.
Not unless you have a pocket dimension or a magic bag like Santa. Seriously though, no. Our escape rooms are not designed to be a dining room or a pub. You might spill something on a vital clue and then where would we be? Stuck in the room forever, that's where. So, leave the snacks and the liquid courage at home.
You can ditch your daring escape adventure for a full refund if you decide you'd rather escape from commitments instead! Just make sure to inform us at least 48 hours before your scheduled attempt to wrangle riddles. If it's any shorter notice, we might think you're just practicing your disappearing act for the game. Please send us an email to cancel - our carrier pigeons are on vacation.
Do you guys film my epic escape room fails and meltdowns? Absolutely, we do! But don't get excited thinking you're about to become the next viral sensation on social media. Our cameras aren't for entertainment or distribution - sorry, no blooper reel or "Best of Escape Room Fails" video. They're strictly for boring, grown-up reasons like security, operations, and insurance. So, no need to perfect your Oscar-winning performance... or maybe do, for the joy of it!
Our grand maze of mystery and hilarity is primed and ready for your perilous exploration from Tuesday to Sunday. You can begin your journey into the hilarious abyss anytime between 11am, when the rooster just finished its 3rd cup of coffee, to 9pm, when even the sun is done adulting for the day.
Well, if you are on par with Sherlock Holmes, you could wrap things up in 20 minutes and have enough time for a cup of tea. But if you have the detective skills of a garden gnome, you might never want to leave. Typically, though, the ordeal... I mean, delightful puzzle-packed event... lasts around 80 minutes. You've got 15 minutes to sign your life away at check-in, 60 minutes of clue-strewn chaos in the room, and a 5 minute wind-down to question all your life choices that led you here. But hey, it's all part of the fun, right?
Yes. Escape Extinction and Krocbuster both support up to eight people.
Yes indeed! Before you try your hand at our World Championship-level escape room, our insurance provider insists you scribble your John Hancock on a waiver. We think it adds a thrilling, Indiana Jones-esque element to the experience. You can practice your autograph at home by printing the form from our website or you can feel like a VIP signing a fan autograph when you arrive.
Nope! We are all for inclusive fun here. We would much rather you bring your puzzle-solving spirit and adventure-seeking soul than a Kroc membership card. But just remember, if you get stuck, we don't accept "I forgot my membership card" as an excuse for not escaping!
While we appreciate your jazzy dance moves and urge to dive in this very second, you may have to put a tiny pin in that plan. Our escape rooms are hotter than a trending meme, so they often require a booking slightly ahead. Think of it as the duration of watching three epic movie trilogies back-to-back, which in human time, equals six hours. This gives us ample time to arrange the puzzle pieces, dust off the mystery, and make sure the suspense is extra suspenseful for your adventurous outing. Go ahead and flex your clicking finger on the "Book Now" button - it's like the superhero of our site. It'll zip you into an available slot faster than you can say "Where's the exit?". But remember, timing is key - just like your escape.
Absolutely! We've had everything from "Will You Marry Me?" puzzles to pink-or-blue "Baby Incoming" riddles. We're still waiting on our first "I'm becoming a full-time mime" reveal, though. So give us a call, shoot us an email, or send us a carrier pigeon - let's make your zany plan come to life!
Well, we might consider inviting you to the exclusive club of 'Doomed Escape Artists.' It's a pretty unique experience where you get a fraction of the time to solve the same number of brain-sizzling riddles. Kind of like a reality show where you're both the contestant and the comic relief! We highly recommend the '15-minute Early Birds Club' instead - way less pressure and significantly fewer doomed endings. Plus, you'll actually have a chance to escape!
Yes. Our experiences can be enjoyed by those with mobility and hearing limitations.

Hey, don't worry, we're not trying to become your new pen pals or your late-night texting buddies! But here's the deal: Your email is the magical carrier pigeon we use to send you a confirmation, arrival instructions (no, not to Narnia, just to our place), terms and conditions (which is less boring than it sounds, we promise), and a handy-dandy link to manage your booking. It's also the portal through which we'll beam you the info for our space-age virtual rooms, if you're into that kind of thing.

Your email won't be used for any other purpose unless you willingly, consciously, and bravely opt-in for our newsletter during the booking process. And if you do that, you'll join the ranks of the enlightened, gaining access to updates on our most diabolical escape room puzzles, exclusive offers, and some pretty hilarious escape room memes. We swear, our newsletter is cooler than it sounds.

As for your phone number? That's our bat-signal. We'll only use it if there's an issue directly related to your booking – like if we accidentally trapped our game master in the medieval dungeon room again. It happens more than we'd like to admit…