Escape Extinction

Step into an alternate reality where dinosaurs never went extinct and World War II is in full swing. You and your fellow Allies (up to 8 people) are tasked with a crucial mission: infiltrate the office of a cunning Axis communications researcher to change the course of history forever.

With the clock ticking and the fate of humanity at stake, you'll need to solve puzzles, crack codes, and unravel the mysteries of this unique WWII timeline. In a world where modern warfare coexists with prehistoric beasts, your team must work together to secure victory for the Allies and prevent an unimaginable future.

Put your wits and teamwork to the test in this thrilling escape room experience, where history and science fiction collide. If your team is successful in completing the mission, you'll each win a free day pass to the Salem Kroc Center as a reward for your heroic efforts!

Max People:
8 people
Salem Kroc Center
Operating Days:
Operating Hours:
11:00am PST to 8:45pm PST


We brought a group of girls from our church youth group, and everyone had a great time. The amount of complex puzzles and riddles that you can stuff into one room is impressive. We were all highly entertained and enjoyed ourselves immensely. Escape Tech Rocks! We will definitely do this again!!

Scott Dotson12/15/2021 from Google Reviews

It was a marvelous time solving clues with a group of pals. They were challenging clues in there but help wasn't a far cry away if you get stuck. We barely escaped but the suspense just added to the experience, I'm looking forward to the next one already. Also huge shout out to the amazing and understanding staff, they were able to accommodate for us running behind schedule and going to the wrong venue.

Tomás Cervantes-Monroe11/18/2021 from Google Reviews

The dino extinction themed room was a solid single-room escape room. Good gamemaster too. Weird that it's right next to the pool, but it's quite affordable compared to other escape rooms, and they gave us a day pass to the Kroc Center for escaping.

Jesse Estes6/16/2022 from Google Reviews

Such a fun experience! We can’t wait to try another room!

Kimberly N11/24/2021 from Google Reviews