Large Groups and Corporate Events

Looking for an engaging and exciting event for your large group or corporate team? At Escape Tech, we've got you covered with both on-site and remote virtual escape room experiences.

We offer five unique escape rooms, accommodating up to 37 participants per hour. Three of our rooms are conveniently located downtown, each hosting up to seven people, while our two rooms at the Salem Kroc Center can each hold eight. All five rooms can run simultaneously, or we can schedule them back-to-back to cater to your group's size and needs.

For a dynamic and thrilling day out, consider scheduling rooms consecutively. For instance, a group of 14 participants can experience the suspense of the Dr. Jones Study Heist and Sherlock's Mystery in the first hour, and a second group can take on the same challenge in the subsequent hour. With no limits on participant numbers, your teams can return and switch rooms for a fresh, novel experience. You might even stir up some friendly competition with team names and time challenges!

To make your event planning easier, we offer a 10% discount for bookings of three or more rooms simultaneously. Simply email us at escapetech@escapetech.rocks with your preferred date, times, and rooms. We will promptly respond with a custom schedule, available alternatives if necessary, and the discount code for your booking.

Each escape room experience is priced at $149 for a group of up to five people, with an additional $29 per person for groups larger than five, up to the room's maximum capacity. As an example, booking three rooms for 15 people would cost $447 before applying the 10% discount.

Each escape room experience lasts approximately 80 minutes, comprising an hour in the room and 10 minutes for a briefing and debriefing. When rooms are scheduled back-to-back, we allow a 15-minute reset period between sessions. For more information, feel free to explore our Frequently Asked Questions.

Additionally, we offer a state-of-the-art social e-sports PC gaming lounge, ideal for up to six kids to enjoy while adults tackle their escape room adventures. This room, equipped with popular games like Minecraft, Fortnite, Overwatch, Valorant, and Call of Duty, can be booked for any duration, at any time. Plus, our Escape Tech team is on-hand for technical support throughout the event.