Dr. Jones Study Heist Hosted Virtual

Enter the world of intrigue and adventure as you and your team of up to 15 daring individuals embark on a thrilling mission to outsmart the legendary treasure hunter and archaeologist, Dr. Jones. Your objective: to purloin a priceless artifact from his collection.

As you stealthily infiltrate Dr. Jones' inner sanctum, the atmosphere is electric with anticipation. But alas! A momentary slip triggers the sophisticated security system, alerting the seasoned adventurer and his astute associates to your presence. With the stakes higher than ever, you now have just 60 heart-pounding minutes to make your escape before you find yourselves face-to-face with the formidable Dr. Jones.

Immerse yourselves in a richly detailed environment, where every artifact and curio holds a potential clue to your salvation. Your wits will be put to the test as you decipher cryptic riddles, navigate complex puzzles, and piece together enigmatic symbols that will unlock the path to freedom. Time is of the essence, and only a razor-sharp mind and an unshakable resolve will carry you through this perilous gauntlet.

As the seconds tick away, your adrenaline surges, your senses sharpen, and your bonds with your teammates grow stronger. The tension mounts, but you must maintain your focus and resist the overwhelming pressure if you hope to emerge victorious.

Can you outwit the infamous Dr. Jones and elude his grasp? Do you have the fortitude and cunning to complete this high-stakes heist? Gather your crew and prove yourselves in the ultimate test of skill and teamwork, as you race against the clock in this pulse-pounding escape room experience!

Max People:
15 people
Zoom Video
Operating Days:
Operating Hours:
11:00am PST to 10:00pm PST


Hi Kendra, Thanks for the great time tonight. My team was just a little reticent to try a virtual game out – but they all ended up loving it😊. Afterwards, the team sang your praises for their experience. Kudos to your hosts for pivoting quickly on the plans and providing us with a fun and engaging evening. Well done.

Ben Grindstaff9/11/2022 from Email: PayPal, Inc.

We only did a virtual room but it was great. Some virtual experiences just direct you to a website or some other static puzzle. Beth and Ryan made it feel as if we were in the room with them. It was a great experience.

Jesse B.1/17/2021 from Google Reviews

End to end, had a really wonderful experience with Escape Tech. They were responsive, accommodating and overall easy to work with. We didn know what we were getting into in this virtual setting, but were so pleasantly surprised when we had 2 dedicated associates acting as our eyes and ears to help navigate through the events. LOTS OF FUN was had. Thanks Escape Tech team!

Elizabeth T.10/8/2020 from Google Reviews