Save the Asylum Hosted Virtual

Save the Asylum is an exhilarating escape room experience that masterfully blends the chilling atmosphere of a haunted house with the adrenaline-pumping excitement of a race against time. Steel your nerves and embark on a spine-tingling mission to uncover the dark secrets of the asylum.

In this gripping adventure, you and your group of up to 15 brave orderlies have been tasked with unraveling the mysterious disappearance of a coworker. The stakes are high, as another orderly has already fallen out of contact, and time is of the essence. Venture into the eerie depths of the asylum to locate your missing colleague, only to discover them bound to a bed, cold and lifeless.

As you desperately attempt to seek help, you find yourselves trapped, with the door locked behind you. The sinister truth of the asylum now hangs heavy in the air, and your only chance of survival lies in your ability to escape before you, too, become the next victim.

Max People:
15 people
Zoom Video
Operating Days:
Operating Hours:
11:00am PST to 10:00pm PST


We just finished virtually escaping "Save the Asylum" as part of a fun work activity. I was wondering how it was all going to work without actually being in the room but Brock and Ryan from Escape Tech did an excellent job taking us through the process. It was kind of like a first person shooter view as they used a camera to be our eyes as our team watched through Zoom. It took a couple of minutes to get oriented to the process but soon we were working our way through the great variety of puzzles in an attempt to escape before our time ran out. I'm happy to report that we did in fact escape with time remaining on the clock and everyone had a most excellent time. Thank you Escape Tech, Brock, and Ryan for the best "Zoom meeting" I've ever had! I'm definitely looking forward to doing another one of these.

Brian D.1/22/2021 from Google Reviews

My team completed the escape room activity as part of our virtual holiday party. We had a blast and the staff at Escape Tech who "virtually" walked us through the room were excellent.

Richard Z.12/10/20 from Google Reviews