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Sherlock's Mystery

Your group of up to 7 people has been hired by Sherlock Holmes to assist in the trial for Mr. Bartholomew T. Mr. Bartholomew is on trial for the murder of multiple people, yet there is no good evidence to deem him guilty yet. Sherlock needs you to search this room and find the paper with all the evidence on it! You have 60 minutes to escape and bring this paper to the trial! If you don't make it, Mr. Bartholomew goes free and you can not so safely assume who his next victims will be.

What people say about this experience

"Oh my goodness! This place is amazing! My family and I booked an escape room from Escape Tech (our first escape room experience) online and were super excited for it! The online booking experience was really easy and the email confirmations and reminders were reassuring. The day of the experience, we arrived and were kindly greeted. We all sat and listened to the rules and what not about our escape room, joking with the woman who hosted and ran our experience. She took us into the room and we began our experience! It was so much fun and enjoyable. We were all able to work together and we made it our of room with time to spare. Everything from booking the experience to actually participating in the room was enjoyable. We will be back and are excited to try another room offered by Escape Tech! Thank you!"

Miranda McKay, Google Reviews


"We booked two escape rooms for our office team bonding event. We booked Sherlock's Mystery and Dr. Jones Study Heist and both were so much fun. We all enjoyed ourselves and definitely recommend Escape Tech. The staff did an excellent job at creating an awesome experience while we were in the rooms. Thank you for such a great time."

Hunsaker Dental, Google Reviews


"We did the Sherlock Holmes room! My first escape room ever. It was very well done and was way harder than I expected. It was a blast. I highly recommend it!"

Lynn Mack, Google Reviews