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Save the Asylum

Your group of up to 7 people work in the infamous Salem Asylum and you find yourselves in a patient’s room, but you don’t see a patient. Instead, one of your coworkers is strapped to the bed, cold and motionless. You turn to the door to get help, but it’s locked. Your head feels a little fuzzy, so you stop to think for a moment. You need to get out of this room to warn the other staff that a patient has escaped and uncover the truth before it’s too late!

What people say about this experience

"We were able to call in and book two rooms for the same time. Very nice people and very fun rooms! We barely finished our room, using all the help we could get. And the other group did not complete it. So, it was a nice challenge. A wonderful escape from the problems of today. Highly recommend!"

Rebekah Waters, Google Reviews


"We did the Asylum escape. It was definitely an experience to be remembered. We made it out with a few clues and hints along the way. First time doing an escape room - looking forward to coming back and trying their other adventures! Also really cool location downtown and use of the space in the building!"

Kelli Lewis, Google Reviews