Large Groups and Corporate Events

If you have a large number of people and would like everyone to participate in an on-site or remote virtual escape experience, we can help.

We have five escape rooms. Three are located downtown, and two are located about three miles north in the Salem Kroc Center. Each downtown room supports a max of seven people, and each Kroc Center room supports a max of eight people. This means a max of twenty one (21) people can be supported downtown and sixteen (16) at the Kroc Center. We can run all five rooms simultaneously, or any combination back to back to support a max of about thirty seven (37) people per hour session.

Oftentimes however, it's more desirable to schedule rooms back to back. For example, Group A of 14 people could experience the Dr Jones Study Heist and Sherlock's Mystery for the first hour, and then have Group B do the same rooms an hour later. There is no limit to the number of people we can support with this approach and the same groups could come back again and swap rooms for an entirely new experience. You could even make team names and compete for time.

We can offer a 10% discount for anyone booking three or more rooms at the same time. To set this up, just email us at with your desired date, times and rooms you would like to do, and we'll set up a custom schedule that you can book from this website. We'll respond to your email quickly letting you know if we can accommodate your request, alternative options if needed, and the discount code that you can apply during booking.

Each room is $149 for a group of up to five people. Rooms that support more than five people are $29 per additional person up the maximum capacity for that room. For example, three rooms of five people (15 people) would be $447 ($149 * 3) before the 10% off discount.

Each experience typically takes about 80 minutes. One hour in the room, and about 10 minutes for an opening and closing. If we run rooms back to back (as in the example above with Groups A and B), we will allow about 15 minutes between experiences to reset the rooms. You can also read more about commonly-asked questions on our FAQs here.

We also offer a social e-sport PC gaming lounge which can support up to six kids while adults enjoy their escape room experiences. This room can be booked anytime for any number of hours. Games are installed and configured so players can immediately get their game on playing games like Minecraft, Fortnight, Overwatch, Valorent, Call of Duty, etc. Escape Tech supports players with technical support during the event.