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The Dr. Jones Study Heist Hosted Virtual

Experience solving puzzles and laughter with your distant friends, family or colleagues anywhere in the US! Join forces over a video conference and work together to see if you have what it takes to escape!

Your group of up to 15 connections has been hired to steal an artifact from Dr. Jones, a world-famous treasure hunter and archaeologist. Your team sneaks into his study during the heist only to discover that you've accidentally tripped his security system. He and his people know you have arrived. You only have one hour to escape before he catches you. To do so, you'll have to uncover clues and solve puzzles, all while keeping a clear head as the clock ticks down...

You'll receive an emailed Zoom link for your group in your confirmation email as well as a printable map of the room that you share with your team. Your group will be greeted by several of our staff from inside the on-site physical room to get orientated, go over rules, and how the game is played. You'll be able to interact with the staff members to control what and how you see the room, ask for clues, and perform tasks and see if you have what it takes to escape!

Have a really large group? Find out here how multiple virtual experiences work.

What people say about this experience

"Hi Kendra, Thanks for the great time tonight. My team was just a little reticent to try a virtual game out – but they all ended up loving it😊. Afterwards, the team sang your praises for their experience. Kudos to your hosts for pivoting quickly on the plans and providing us with a fun and engaging evening. Well done."

β€”Ben Grindstaff, Email: PayPal, Inc.


"We only did a virtual room but it was great. Some virtual experiences just direct you to a website or some other static puzzle. Beth and Ryan made it feel as if we were in the room with them. It was a great experience."

β€”Jesse Biter, Google Reviews


"End to end, had a really wonderful experience with Escape Tech. They were responsive, accommodating and overall easy to work with. We didn know what we were getting into in this virtual setting, but were so pleasantly surprised when we had 2 dedicated associates acting as our eyes and ears to help navigate through the events. LOTS OF FUN was had. Thanks Escape Tech team!"

β€”Elizabeth Turner, Google Reviews