Employee Portal

Confidential, private and proprietary. Do not share the information here.

On-boarding Checklist
  1. Email this W4 Form to Kathleen Hackett at kathleen@cascade-balancedbooks.com.
  2. Ask Kathleen Hackett at kathleen@cascade-balancedbooks.com for direct deposit info so you can be paid directly.
  3. Send your email and phone number to Jason at jchaney@escapetech.rocks.
  4. Ensure you have access to Bookeo, Escape Room Master, both Google Calendars, downtown location (exterior and interior), gaming lounge, Homebase, and control room computers. You can ask Jason for these things.
  5. Be familiar with the common FAQs.
  6. Addresses, pricing, hours, etc are all available on this site if you need them.
  7. Ensure you are familiar with all content on this portal.
Room Training Videos
  1. Rooms Setups
Solve Maps
  1. The Dr. Jones Study Heist
  2. Save the Asylum
  3. Krocbuster - Don't Get Fired
  1. Calendars
  2. Time Tracking
  3. Updating Availability
  1. Facility Setup
  2. Facility Close
  3. Group Arrival
  4. Group Close
  5. Sonos
  6. Parking Info
  7. Interesting facts about Escape Tech
Remote Virtual Rooms
  1. Overview
Critical Contacts
  1. Jason Chaney
  2. Kendra Chaney
  3. Kathleen Hackett
Standard Operating Procedures