Save the Asylum Remote Virtual

Experience solving puzzles and laughter with your distant friends, family or colleagues anywhere in the US! Join forces over a video conference and work together to see if you have what it takes to escape!

Your group of up to 15 connections work in the infamous Salem Asylum and you find yourselves in a patient’s room, but you don’t see a patient. Instead, one of your coworkers is strapped to the bed, cold and motionless. You turn to the door to get help, but it’s locked. Your head feels a little fuzzy, so you stop to think for a moment. You need to get out of this room to warn the other staff that a patient has escaped and uncover the truth before it’s too late!

You'll receive an emailed Zoom link for your group as well as a printable map of the room. Your group will be greeted by several of our staff from inside the on-site physical room to get orientated, go over rules, and how the game is played. You'll be able to interact with the staff members to control what and how you see the room, ask for clues, and perform tasks and see if you have what it takes to escape!

What people say

"We just finished virtually escaping "Save the Asylum" as part of a fun work activity. I was wondering how it was all going to work without actually being in the room but Brock and Ryan from Escape Tech did an excellent job taking us through the process. It was kind of like a first person shooter view as they used a camera to be our eyes as our team watched through Zoom. It took a couple of minutes to get oriented to the process but soon we were working our way through the great variety of puzzles in an attempt to escape before our time ran out. I'm happy to report that we did in fact escape with time remaining on the clock and everyone had a most excellent time. Thank you Escape Tech, Brock, and Ryan for the best "Zoom meeting" I've ever had! I'm definitely looking forward to doing another one of these."

Brian Dowhan, Google Reviews


"My team completed the escape room activity as part of our virtual holiday party. We had a blast and the staff at Escape Tech who "virtually" walked us through the room were excellent. "

Richard Ziegler, Google Reviews