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The Dr. Jones Study Heist

Your group of up to 7 people has been hired to steal an artifact from Dr. Jones, a world-famous treasure hunter and archaeologist. Your team sneaks into his study during the heist only to discover that you've accidentally tripped his security system. He and his people know you have arrived. You only have one hour to escape before he catches you. To do so, you'll have to uncover clues and solve puzzles, all while keeping a clear head as the clock ticks down...

What people say about this experience

"We thoroughly enjoyed the Indiana Jones escape. So much stuff to solve in the space, we had a great time as it was our first. On a scale of one to ten, I rate it as an eleven. Cool antiques and props riddled through the room with clues and misleading hints peppered hither & tither for that almost solve. We finished in the nick of time with 8 or so minutes left on the clock. We will surely be back for another challenge! Go do an escape with Escape Tech and tell your friends and family."

Grinch McGillicuddy, Google Reviews


"We booked two escape rooms for our office team bonding event. We booked Sherlock's Mystery and Dr. Jones Study Heist and both were so much fun. We all enjoyed ourselves and definitely recommend Escape Tech. The staff did an excellent job at creating an awesome experience while we were in the rooms. Thank you for such a great time."

Hunsaker Dental, Google Reviews